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My Services

After close inspection of the oil painting to be restored, I am able to plan the best process to

revive an otherwise tired, dull and unloved painting.

There may be areas of the painting that need to be strengthened or even patched.

This can be done so that any damage will be invisible from the front. 

Usually a painting has been exposed to many years, sometimes centuries of dirt.

A careful clean will always bring out the original colours of your painting.

Then there are usually areas of paint that have been lost to damage and rough handling over time. 

This is where I employ delicate re-touching with exact colour matching.

You will always find that a new varnish brings the best out of your work of art.

Send me a photo of your painting

A photograph will help me understand the problem and potential outcome of the restoration needed.

I will always have to see the painting face to face before I can make a final decision. 

Thanks for submitting!

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